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The performance of the Indian dairy sector has been quite impressive. Milk production in India increased from 17 million tones in 1950-51 to over 109 million tones by 2008-09. During the past one and half decades (1990-2006), milk production has grown at a rate of nearly 4% per annum vis a vis world growth rate of 1.5 percent. The exports of dairy products increased from Rs. 13.98 million in 1990-91 to Rs.6766.82 million in 2005-06, while imports increased from Rs.40.52 million to 345.66 million during the same period. Hence, as the net trade balance of dairy products has changed from negative to positive and the country is now a net exporter of dairy products.

DairyFarmGuide.com is a website aiming to provide in-depth knowledge about Indian dairy farming practices and guidelines. We hope information given here will help lot of existing dairy farm owners and new startups.

We have tried to cover all main areas of any dairy farming setup including standards, breeding, feeding, caring, disease control and administration with record keeping. All information given on this website is sourced from various reputed private and government organizations and will be helpful in taking better decisions for all people involved in the business of milk production.

Some benefits of using DairyFarmGuide.com are:

  • Trusted information from various private and government sources
  • Easy representation and guide of topics
  • Covers all areas of a common dairy farm
  • Latest data and standards set for dairy farming industry
  • No fee or subscription charge – Its FREE for all