Jaffarabadi Buffalo

The breeding tract of this breed is Kutch, Junagarh and Jamnagar districts of Gujarat State.  The body is long but not so compact.  The dewlap in females is somewhat loose and the udder is well developed.  The head and neck are massive.  The forehead is very prominent.  The horns are heavy, inclined to droop at each side of the neck and then turning up at points, but less tightly curved than in the case of the Murrah breed.  The colour is usually black.  The average milk yield is 1,000 to 1,200 kg.  These animals are mostly maintained by traditional breeders called Maldharis, who are nomads.  The bullocks are heavy and are used for ploughing and carting.


Jafarabadi Buffalo


Average Production TraitsPhenotypic Traits
305 days Milk Yield 1850 Kg Horns Curved downward, compressing head
Age at First Calving 50.7 months Colour Black, Darn tan
Lactation Length 300 days Size Massive body with long and tender neck
Calving Interval 440 days Forehead Heavy and wide head
    Tail Medium