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Dairy Farming Financial Calculator for Project Report Preparation (Dairy Farm Management)
Hi All I have just creaed a dairy farming financial calculator to calculate profitability and financial feasibility in setting up a medium scale dairy farm I have tried to incorporate all possible aspects involved in dairy farming but due to - Read Full

Cleaning Sanitation and Disposal of Livestock Waste (Dairy Farm Management)
Following package of practices must be employed at the livestock farms for proper disposal of farm waste including dung urine and waste fodder etc to improve the farm hygiene and to reduce the odour problems on dairy farms including proper - Read Full

Space Requirements of Dairy Animals and Layouts of Dairy Farms (Dairy Farm Management)
All animals require shelter for protection and comfort They can perform better under favourable environmental conditions Housing of animals need initial capital to the extent the dairy farmers can afford The animals are to be protected from high and low - Read Full

Model Layouts of Dairy Farms of Various Sizes (Dairy Farm Management)
Model layouts for the construction of various farm buildings have been prepared under loose system of housing The loose system of housing dairy animals has been recommended for most of the agro climatic zones of the country with minor modifications - Read Full

Shelter Requirements and Housing of Dairy Animals in Tropics (Dairy Farm Management)
The aim of housing dairy animals is to provide a congenial environment for better growth reproduction and production performance In planning and designing of suitable housing accommodation for dairy cattle consideration should be given to the comfort and health of - Read Full

Type and Systems of Housing for Dairy Animals (Dairy Farm Management)
Mainly there are two systems of housing for cattle Loose housing system Closed housing systems Each system has its own advantages and limitations nbsp The final decision can be based upon the climatic variables air temperature rain etc in a - Read Full

Shelter Design and Housing Structure (Dairy Farm Management)
Slope Gradient Proper and sufficient slope in the paddock is very important for maintaining clean and dry sheds The slope in the open paddock should be 1 60 for effective drainage of rain water The slope of the standing space - Read Full

Milking Systems (Dairy Farm Management)
Milking byres Before the decision on the designing and lay out of the milking parlours is taken it is necessary to keep in view the milking practice in vogue nbsp In developed countries where labour is scarce and expensive machine - Read Full