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Optimizing Conception Rate in Dairy Cattle and Buffaloes (Reproduction)
Reproductive efficiency of a female bovine is measured mostly in terms of early attainment of sexual maturity and number of calf crops during her entire life span Under ideal conditions of management and feeding the animal should reach sexual maturity - Read Full


Record Keeping (Reproduction)
To improve any practice on the dairy farm records are of paramount importance The breeding or reproductive area can only be altered and improved if a producer is willing to put time and effort into starting and faithfully maintaining a - Read Full

Reproductive Goals for Cows (Reproduction)
The majority of reproductive losses occur in the following areas Calving interval too long or too short Dry period too long or too short A I performance i e services per conception too high Heifers too old at first freshening - Read Full

Indexes of Reproductive Efficiency (Reproduction)
Days Open Days Open measures overall reproductive performance for the previous 12 months Problems with fertility and or estrous detection increase Days Open Projected Minimum Calving Interval is calculated by adding Days Open to the gestation length for a normal - Read Full

Care in AI and Frozen Semen Handling (Reproduction)
The quality of frozen semen is determined by the bull and the organization that processed it nbsp Deal only with reputable well established artificial insemination AI organizations nbsp Semen obtained from reputable AI organizations has been processed under standard controlled - Read Full

Management of Bull and Planning of Germplasm Centre
Management of Bull and Planning of Germplasm Centre (Reproduction)
The advent of Artificial Insemination AI has considerably enhanced the scope of propagating the superior garmplasm of domesticated animals Early use of it was considered as a means of controlling venereal disease and utilizing bulls unable to mate successfully With - Read Full


Management of Frozen Semen and Semen Bank
Management of Frozen Semen and Semen Bank (Reproduction)
Why Frozen Semen A bull can hardly serve about 100 cows in a year by natural service With the method of using chilled semen through artificial insemination AI nearly 10 000 30 000 doses could be made from the same - Read Full

Layout of Semen Bank Management of Laboratory (Reproduction)
Building Layout nbsp Location of the semen bank should be selected taking into account the physical nature of the farm use of the available natural resources like water convenience of utilization of farm by products like dung and slurry As - Read Full

Management of Breeding Bulls (Reproduction)
Breeding Management Bulls should be selected using Dam rsquo s milk yield and pedigree as the criteria nbsp Young bulls selected should be from superior mother dam and proven high pedigreed sire Any physical congenital defects in ancestors should also - Read Full

Selective Breeding Scientific Interventions and Human Resources (Reproduction)
For effective selective breeding the existing farms of animals should be strengthened and more farms will be developed for production of elite breeding bulls The cattle and buffalo breed of choice should be followed as far as possible In cattle - Read Full