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Requisites of A Successful Dairy Farmer (Introduction)
Anyone opting to go in for dairy farming must have a genuine love for the welfare of cows and buffaloes as dairying requires long hours of tiring and harsh work without there being any holiday Further to be a successful - Read Full

Location of The Dairy Farm (Introduction)
Commercial dairy farms can be set up near the cities where there is a assured market of milk round the year or in the milk shed areas of milk processing plants Nearness to market is important as nearer the market - Read Full

Choice of Dairy Animal (Introduction)
The potential entrepreneur may start the dairy farm either with the crossbred cows or with improved breeds of buffaloes or a rightful combination of both high yielding crossbred cows and buffaloes The important economic characteristics to be considered while selecting - Read Full

Number of Animals To Start With (Introduction)
An average farm family desirous of venturing into a commercial scale dairy farming as a specialized occupation may initially start with about 20 dairy animals preferably 10 crossbred cows and 10 buffaloes Such a farm unit shall provide full time - Read Full

Land Requirement for Dairy Farm (Introduction)
The land is required for the construction of dairy sheds and other farm structures as well as for the production of fodder The land required for fodder production depends on the carrying capacity of the land On an average 4 - Read Full

Feeds and Fodder Required (Introduction)
Feeding is the major component of cost of milk production accounting for 55 60 per cent of the total cost of milk production Therefore judicious feeding is the most important pillar of economical dairying The dairy animals must be fed - Read Full

Labour Required for Dairy Farming (Introduction)
The dairy farming is a labour intensive enterprise as compared to crop production and other allied enterprises It has been estimated that on an average one person can look after all activities of 10 milking animals along with their followers - Read Full

Machinery and Equipment Required (Introduction)
The machinery and equipment required depends on the level of mechanization desired and the scale of operation However some machinery and equipments are essentially required such as the chaff cutter machine milking pails milk cans and minor implements On farms - Read Full

Setting Up a Dairy Farm What Do We Need To Know (Introduction)
Overview The emergence of India as a premier dairy nation of the world could be attributed mainly to the intensive crossbreeding programme implemented throughout the country over the last few decades The population pressure and emerging global opportunities further necessitate - Read Full


SWOT Analysis of Dairy Farming Business (Introduction)
Given below is the SWOT analysis of dairy farming business Strengths The vast livestock population of the country could prove to be a vital asset for the country and unlike many other natural resources which will deplete over the years - Read Full