Number of Animals To Start With

An average farm family desirous of venturing into a commercial scale dairy farming as a specialized occupation may initially start with about 20 dairy animals preferably 10 crossbred cows and 10 buffaloes. Such a farm unit shall provide full time employment to two workmen and shall generate sufficient income to sustain a middle class family. Further construction of modern animal housing facilities, mechanical fodder chaffing, machine milking, milk chilling and other infrastructure shall be better utilized and economically viable if the farm size comprises of a minimum of 20 lactating cows.  The size of the farm can be raised gradually to 50 animals or more in the proportion of 25 cows and 25 buffaloes as the farmer stabilizes in dairying.

The established business firms having the necessary capital for investing in dairy production and who are in a position to hire technical personnel for the management of the farm may set up large dairy farms starting with 100 to 200 high grade crossbred cows and a same number of superior buffaloes and gradually raise the farm size further as per requirement. It will be prudent to start from a small size as a large number of animals with desired production levels may not be available or difficult to procure at the same time. Further the farm bred cows will be always better producers than the purchased cows.