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Haemorrhagic Septicaemia HS (Animal Health)
Etiology The disease is caused by Pasturella multocida type I organism It is a gram negative coccoid short rod organism The organism were typed as Robert rsquo s type I type II and type IV T Susceptible Hosts Cattle and - Read Full

Brucellosis Contagious Abortion (Animal Health)
Etiology The brucellosis is caused by Brucella abortus B melitensis B suis B ovis and B canis The Brucella species are non motile non sporing small gram negative rods or coccobacilli B abortus is the common organism that causes disease - Read Full

Disease Prevention and Animal Health (Animal Health)
Animal Health Taking good care of animal health does not only mean treating an animal when it is sick It also means helping the animal to avoid becoming ill It is very important to realize that even though treatment may - Read Full


Foot and Mouth Disease FMD (Animal Health)
Etiology FMD is a viral disease The causal virus belongs to ldquo picorrna rdquo virus group Different strains of this virus responsible for FMD were named as ldquo O rdquo strain ldquo A rdquo strain ldquo C rdquo strain SAT - Read Full

The Five Steps of Hoof Trimming (Animal Health)
By W H Mekking Master of Animal Science www cowcare eu The procedure of trimming in five steps described here refers to the hind feet of the cow For trimming the forefeet you need to replace inner claw by outer - Read Full

Urine Drinking Problem (Animal Health)
In this type of behavioral abnormality animals start sucking and drinking their own urine or the urine of their herd mates This anomalous behavior is commonly seen in the animals of all age groups and especially common in individually housed - Read Full

Other Behavioural Problems (Animal Health)
Buller Steer Syndrome In this type of anomaly the young male calves Rider mount their herd mates willing to be mounted Buller There is no intromission attempt made by rider although some times there may be partial penile erection The - Read Full

Behavioural Problems in Dairy Animals and their Solutions (Animal Health)
Modern dairy practices in India are generally characterized by inadequate housing improper nutrition and poor quality of management with scant regards to the behavioral needs and the welfare of the animals This not only affects their growth production and reproduction - Read Full


Inter Sucking and Cross Sucking Behavior in Calves
Inter Sucking and Cross Sucking Behavior in Calves (Animal Health)
Inter sucking is most common abnormal behavior in early weaned cattle and buffalo calves as they have not given opportunity to satisfy their natural suckling instinct They start sucking or licking the naval prepuce scrotum ears and tails of their - Read Full

Inter Sucking or Self Sucking In Adult Cows
Inter Sucking or Self Sucking In Adult Cows (Animal Health)
In this type of abnormal behavior cows may suck their own teats or the teats of their herd mates The inter sucking or self sucking has been found to be more common in young lactating cows than in the older - Read Full