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Pica or Licking of Inanimate Objects (Animal Health)
The behavior of the licking inanimate objects or pica includes licking the wall and floor surfaces of the pen mangers or chewing of woods rags polythene sheets rubber or any other things which is available in the vicinity of the - Read Full

Silent Heat Problems (Animal Health)
In this condition animal will not show behavioral signs of estrus although the physiological symptoms of heat will be present Although the general pattern of sexual behavior is almost similar in cattle and buffaloes but the intensity of expression of - Read Full

Milk Ejection Reflex Failure (Animal Health)
Milk ejection reflex or milk let down is not a simple mechanical withdrawal of milk from the mammary gland This is a neuro endocrine pathway which comes into action when the udder gets stimulated In milk let down failure the - Read Full

Neonatal Rejection
Neonatal Rejection (Animal Health)
Cases of neonatal rejection are more commonly seen in first calvers especially in those having experienced difficulty at birth As they lack previous exposure to this type of situation so they assume her calves as competitors and react accordingly They - Read Full

Kicking Backwards (Animal Health)
Kicking during milking generally develops as a result of faulty treatment and handling when heifer is milked for the first time Initially the animal kicks either due to mild pain associated with massaging of teats or simply because of fear - Read Full

Thermal Stress on Dairy Animals and Management Strategies for its Amelioration (Animal Health)
There is a range of thermal conditions within which animals are able to maintain a relatively stable body temperature by means of behavioural and physiological means When environmental temperatures move out of the thermoneutral zone or comfort zone dairy animals - Read Full


Heat Stress on Dairy Animals (Animal Health)
Heat stress for the dairy cow can be understood to indicate all high temperature related forces that induce adjustments occurring from the sub cellular to the whole animal level to help the cow avoid physiological dysfunction and for it to - Read Full

Cold Stress on Dairy Animals (Animal Health)
European cattle tend to be tolerant to cold but in our India there is problem for the dairy animals to tolerate cold stress There is reduction in milk yield and in severe cold causes death It is the reason why - Read Full