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Feeding and Management of Dairy Calves for Higher Growth and Improved Health
Feeding and Management of Dairy Calves for Higher Growth and Improved Health (Animal Nutrition & Feeding)
Today rsquo s calf is tomorrow rsquo s cow nbsp The future of the dairy herd is dependent on the pro shy duction of superior heifers to replace culled lactating animals Dairy farmers are responsible for the dairy herd - Read Full


Importance of Feeding Colostrum to Calves (Animal Nutrition & Feeding)
Why is colostrum important to calves Colostrum contains high levels of antibodies that calves need to prevent diseases caused by organisms present on most dairy farms Calves are born with few antibodies of their own and an immature immune system - Read Full

Calf Weaning Role of Milk Replacer and Calf Starter (Animal Nutrition & Feeding)
Calf Weaning A calf should not be weaned until it rumen is functional and capable of supporting the calf rsquo s nutritional needs But in organized farm at birth weaning can be practiced i e new born calves can be - Read Full

Calf Housing and Weather Management (Animal Nutrition & Feeding)
Calf Housing The calf housing facilities should be comfortable for the calf and convenient for the farmer General requirements include dry well ventilated pens with ample of bedding and isolation from older animals A popular housing system in the western - Read Full

Calf Health and Disease Management (Animal Nutrition & Feeding)
The Newborn 1 to 10 days of age Clean hands arms and equipment if assisting the calving Remove mucus from the calf s mouth and nose Rub the calf vigorously if stimulation is necessary Examine the navel and place a - Read Full

Feeding Management of High Producing Dairy Cows and Buffaloes
Feeding Management of High Producing Dairy Cows and Buffaloes (Animal Nutrition & Feeding)
Commercial dairy farming provides important source of income to farmers and dairy entrepreneurs Traditionally dairy farming has been an important means of generating supplemental income and employment for Agriculture farming community particularly those pertaining to the small and marginal categories - Read Full


Feeding Management of a Commercial Herd (Animal Nutrition & Feeding)
A good feeding strategy is the key for profitable dairying as feed costs alone over 60 percent of the total cost of milk production High yielding cows need to be fed a complete balanced ration to get the most profitable - Read Full

Feeding and Management of Young Calves (Animal Nutrition & Feeding)
Successful rearing of young calves is the key to success of dairy farming enterprise Calves are the future replacement stocks for the cow and bulls It is therefore important that they are rear economically to ensure early maturity for reducing - Read Full

Feeding Management of Heifers (Animal Nutrition & Feeding)
Keeping a close watch on heifer rearing costs under a particular environment indicates whether it is profitable to rear them or not The usual cost of raising a heifer from birth to 24 months of age ranges from 9 12 - Read Full

Feeding Management of Lactating Animals (Animal Nutrition & Feeding)
Feeding management of dairy cows during the entire period of lactation is vital for getting the optimum maximum milk production from the dairy animal Optimum management of the dairy animal during first few days after calving and during early lactating - Read Full