Feeding Management of Lactating Animals

Feeding management of dairy cows during the entire period of lactation is vital for getting the optimum/maximum milk production from the dairy animal. Optimum management of the dairy animal during first few days after calving and during early lactating is of particular importance. The following management principles must be observed:

The concentrate mixture for the lactating animals should be as follows

Conc. Mixture for lactating animals           

IngredientQuantity (%)
Maize 33
G N Cake (oiled) 20
Mustered oil cake 10
Cotton seed cake 3
Wheat bran 15
Rice polish 10
De-oiled rice polish 6
Mineral mixture (BIS) 2
Common salt 1
Total 100


Each 100 kg concentrate mixture should contains 15 g add some Cattle HS (Sweetner) and 100 g toxic binder.

The total mixed ration should have 20-22% moisture; 13.5% crude protein (upto 15 litres milk); 15.5% crude protein (15-25 kg milk) and 17.5% crude protein; 25-40 kg milk. The TMR must contain 18.5% CP of the milk production is more than 40 kg in cows.