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Wheat Straw Treatment As Prepared By KVK Baramati (Feed & Fodder)
Treatment of wheat Rice straw or low quality fodder waste Prepared by Dr D P Bhoite M V Sc KVK Baramati nbsp Many times it happened that remaining residues in farm are burned without using their potential in dairy farming - Read Full

Production Technology of Kharif and Rabi Fodder Crops (Feed & Fodder)
Major kharif fodder are maize sorghum pearmillet teosinte cowpea and guar nbsp Cultivation practices of these fodder crops very from each other nbsp These are being discussed as under - Read Full


Maize (Feed & Fodder)
Maize is an important kharif fodder crop which gives very palatable highly succulent and nutritionally rich fodder It is free from antimetabolies nbsp It is a most favourable crop for silage making nbsp Maize grain is also an important feed - Read Full

Jowar Sorghum Bicolor
Jowar Sorghum Bicolor (Feed & Fodder)
Jowar is a very important fodder crop of dry areas nbsp It can withstand droughts and up to some extent water logging conditions also nbsp Some varieties of sorghum give 2 3 cuttings also Its English name is sorghum Jowar - Read Full

Bajra or Pearl Millet Pennisetum Typhoides
Bajra or Pearl Millet Pennisetum Typhoides (Feed & Fodder)
It is a quick growing short duration crop and takes 50 55 days for first cut nbsp It is a most suitable fodder crop for dry farming areas It is has prefuse tillering drought and heat tolerance high photosynthetic efficiency - Read Full

Teosinte Euchlaena Mexicana Schrad
Teosinte Euchlaena Mexicana Schrad (Feed & Fodder)
It is a tall and virgorously growing crop nbsp It is comparatively less nutritious and palatable than maize but due to its profuse tillering capacity it gives very good fodder yield nbsp Teosinte can tolerate moderate drought and nbsp nbsp - Read Full

Cowpea Vigna Unigiculata
Cowpea Vigna Unigiculata (Feed & Fodder)
Cowpea is commonly known as Lobia nbsp The crops provides excellent forage and feeding value of cowpea is quite comparable to lucernealfalfa nbsp Cowpea is often grown as a green manure crop for soil improvement nbsp It has a considerable - Read Full

Berseem Trifolium Alexandrinum L
Berseem Trifolium Alexandrinum L (Feed & Fodder)
Berseem also called Egyption clover is most important leguminous fodder crop nbsp Due to higher production potential succulency palatability nutritive value and continous supply of fodder nbsp over a long period of seven months it is popularly known as king - Read Full

Oats Avena Sativa
Oats Avena Sativa (Feed & Fodder)
Oats is an important rabi winter season fodder crop nbsp It can be grown under restricted irrigation facilities nbsp In nutritive value oats is next to berseem It is highly palatable and very good source of energy nbsp It yields - Read Full

Silage Preparation by KVK Baramati (Feed & Fodder)
Silage preparation is one of the important methods for storage of green fodder for dairy animals amp it is necessary to adopt this method by Indian dairy farmers on large scale in situations like drought or heavy rainfall or scarcity - Read Full