Kicking Backwards

Kicking during milking generally develops as a result of faulty treatment and handling when heifer is milked for the first time. Initially the animal kicks either due to mild pain associated with massaging of teats or simply because of fear of human manipulation of teats of newly calved heifer.

It is difficult to subside the habit of kicking once it gets established. So the handling of the teats of heifer should be started at least 2 to 3 days before the date of calving that will make them accustomed to milking practices. If cow become habitual of kicking then tying of hind legs at the time of milking using milkman knot or eight shaped knot. Tying of a rope around the body of cow just in front of udder will also serve the purpose.

With many cows in which this method has been used for several times, then now it may be necessary only to throw the rope over the back of cow at the time of milking. Use of anti-kick chain can also be recommended if other methods are not successful for the prevention of kicking.