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Selective Breeding Performance Recording (Reproduction)
The recording of breeding information such as herd status growth reproduction production Performance of male and females age at first service and age at first training and production of semen doses age group wise mortality of nbsp male and female - Read Full

Progeny Testing Evaluation of breeding bulls and Genetic Gain under Progeny Testing (Reproduction)
The main objective of progeny testing is to evaluate the breeding bulls based on sire indices using their daughters 305 day milk yield in single multiple herd The progeny testing programme involves the following strategy Identification of earlier progeny tested - Read Full

Exploiting the Future Animal Breeding Technologies (Reproduction)
The genetic improvement of dairy animals can be further improved with the identification standardization and adoption of 1 Improved Breeding Methodologies In the existing evaluation program all daughters of each bull often do not complete the first lactation 305 day - Read Full

Breeding Management of Crossbred Cattle in India (Reproduction)
With a view to sustain high milk productivity of crossbred cows breeding policy was proposed This policy was validated based on analysis of 1739crossbred cows The finding of the analysis suggest to modify traditional system of inter se mating It - Read Full

Genetic Improvement of Dairy Cattle and Buffaloes through Progeny Testing of Bulls (Reproduction)
India is traditionally an agricultural country and animal husbandry forms the backbone of the livelihood security for more than 70 per cent of the population Though the growth of agricultural sector was found a negative 5 2 in 2002 2003 - Read Full


Breeding Goal of Dairy Animals (Reproduction)
In India the major breeding goals of dairy animals for the dairy organisations rural herds is to improve the milk production in general and productivity of dairy animals in particular through the maximum exploitation of genetic resources so that the - Read Full

Types of Genetic Resources (Reproduction)
Genetic improvement of dairy animals depends on the type of genetic resources available in the country The types of bovine genetic resources varies in different agro climatic regions and even within the particular region of the country The global cattle - Read Full

Dairy Animal Breeding Policy and Programme (Reproduction)
The current breeding policy recommended by the National Commission on Agriculture NCA and adopted by the Central and State Governments was based on the important considerations which were similar to those of the Scientific panel on Animal husbandry Indigenous Cattle - Read Full