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Disease Prevention and Animal Health (Animal Health)
Animal Health Taking good care of animal health does not only mean treating an animal when it is sick It also means helping the animal to avoid becoming ill It is very important to realize that even though treatment may - Read Full


Dairy Farming Financial Calculator for Project Report Preparation (Dairy Farm Management)
Hi All I have just creaed a dairy farming financial calculator to calculate profitability and financial feasibility in setting up a medium scale dairy farm I have tried to incorporate all possible aspects involved in dairy farming but due to - Read Full

Methods of Tick Control in A Dairy Farm (Diseases & Control)
Methods of Tick Control As prepared by Dr D P Bhoite KVK Baramati www kvkbaramati com Tick infestation is one of the major constraint in tropical environment for dairy Gaot Sheep amp other domestic animals Tick also spread many parasitic - Read Full

Centrally Sponsored Dairy Development Schemes (Dairy Development Schemes)
Following are the cenally sponsored dairy development schemes as announced by GOI Administrative approval for continuance of Centrally Sponsored Scheme IDDP 2011 12 Intensive Dairy Development Programme IDDP Strengthening infrastructure for quality amp clean milk production Evaluation study report of - Read Full

Central Sector Dairy Development Programs (Dairy Development Schemes)
Following are the central sector dairy development programs in association with other organisations Assistance to Cooperatives Dairy Poultry venture capital funds implemented upto 31st August 2010 DVCF Dairy Venture Capital Fund the release of funds to NABARD Dairy Venture Capital - Read Full

Wheat Straw Treatment As Prepared By KVK Baramati (Feed & Fodder)
Treatment of wheat Rice straw or low quality fodder waste Prepared by Dr D P Bhoite M V Sc KVK Baramati nbsp Many times it happened that remaining residues in farm are burned without using their potential in dairy farming - Read Full

The Five Steps of Hoof Trimming (Animal Health)
By W H Mekking Master of Animal Science www cowcare eu The procedure of trimming in five steps described here refers to the hind feet of the cow For trimming the forefeet you need to replace inner claw by outer - Read Full

Cleaning Sanitation and Disposal of Livestock Waste (Dairy Farm Management)
Following package of practices must be employed at the livestock farms for proper disposal of farm waste including dung urine and waste fodder etc to improve the farm hygiene and to reduce the odour problems on dairy farms including proper - Read Full

Optimizing Conception Rate in Dairy Cattle and Buffaloes (Reproduction)
Reproductive efficiency of a female bovine is measured mostly in terms of early attainment of sexual maturity and number of calf crops during her entire life span Under ideal conditions of management and feeding the animal should reach sexual maturity - Read Full


Care in AI and Frozen Semen Handling (Reproduction)
The quality of frozen semen is determined by the bull and the organization that processed it nbsp Deal only with reputable well established artificial insemination AI organizations nbsp Semen obtained from reputable AI organizations has been processed under standard controlled - Read Full